The River : Interesting Comparisons

Valerie Bloom's poem, "The River" is an interesting short poem.

She describes to us what a river meant to her. The river is to her, many things.
She personifies the river and compares it to many things. What are these things she says of the river?

i. A wanderer, a nomad and a tramp:

A wanderer is a person who likes to move. He does not to stay in one place.

A nomad belongs to a wandering group of people that moves from place to place in search of food or a better environment to stay.

A tramp is like a beggar and a vagabond. He goes from place to place to look for alms and lives off the generosity of kind people. A tramp is normally seen as a lazy bum.

ii. A winder:

The term comes from the word, ‘to wind’. To wind means to move from one side to another in curves. It cuts through soft soils but it goes around hard rocks. As such, it loops and wounds itself on the way down. It does not chart a straight path.

iii. A hoarder:

Just like human beings, a river also likes to keep its secrets and its treasures. So, it hides these in the bed where it is difficult for others to take them away.

iv. A baby:

When a river moves down stream or down a waterfall, gurgling noises are heard. The poet likens this to a baby innocently sucking on its thumb in sheer delight.

v. A singer:

When the river falls through a waterfall, the poet imagines it to be singing and dancing and this joy is spread to the surrounding areas for all to enjoy.

vi.A destroyer:

Finally, for all the joys it gives to us, it can also destroy. During a flood, the river rages and kills. Human beings, animals, houses and vegetation including trees and crops are destroyed.



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